Propuesta de acción pacífica para mujeres y hombres conscientes

Una tiza blanca sirve para dibujar y escribir sobre el asfalto, los adoquines o las baldosas de la acera y de la plaza.
Una tiza blanca se puede llevar en el bolsillo, en el bolso o en la mochila, se usa de forma organizada o espontánea, esperando el autobús o en la plaza del barrio, en solitario o en compañía.
Quien usa una tiza blanca manifiesta su rechazo sin reservas hacia la guerra y hacia cualquier otra expresión de violencia, considerándola injustificable bajo cualquier circunstancia [...]
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with a white chalk: instructions for use

A peaceful action proposed for conscious women and men

A white chalk can be used to draw and write on asphalt, on pavements and in public squares.

A white chalk can be carried in your pocket, in your bag or in your rucksack. It can be used spontaneously or in an organised manner, while waiting for the bus or while walking in the streets, whether you are alone or with others.

Whoever uses this white chalk expresses a rejection of war and all other forms of violence, considering it unjustifiable in any circumstance or from any point of view. Whoever believes in peace can express their indignation and sorrow with this small, non-violent gesture.

Whoever uses this white chalk does not speak the language of politics or violence, and does not proclaim to belong to any group, movement or creed. A white chalk is strictly lay, non-political and pacifist: the hand that grasps it must always be aware of this.

Therefore, a white chalk chooses carefully the words and symbols it needs. It has to be used responsibly and conscientiously, avoiding all history’s over-used terms which are still being put to the wrong use today.

A white chalk does not shout. Its message is strong and clear but only as fragile as the chalk itself. It fades when trampled on and it’s erased by the first drop of rain.

A white chalk’s action is valid in any place and moment. We won’t ever be short of reasons for taking up a piece of white chalk.

[Thanks to Robert]

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  1. A white chalk must be the ideal tool for anyone pretending to communicate ideas. Whoever uses a white chalk must be aware of the diferences in languages and political tendencies of those who are the targets of communicatios.
    A white chalk user turns into a fighter in this war of thoughts, in this rain of ideas and ideologies. But remember, writing is nothing but a starting point, for during the rain, you won´t hardly be able to write or read your own words.